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Georgi Georgiev graduated from the "Academy of Art" in Belgrade, and has since integrated his love for art and sculpture into the human-powered machines he now creates. Georgi became interested in Human-Powered Vehicles (HPV) in the late 1970's and set out to apply his own unique innovative abilities to this personal endeavor.


His intuitive sculptural approach is evidenced in the aerodynamic fairings of the 'Mephisto', 'Torso', and 'Orpheus' - a series of high speed machines which hold all the current world speed records."The aim of VARNA Innovation is to improve and elevate the life of those with physical disabilities."After the accident of a friend, Jocelyn Lovell, that left him paralyzed, Georgi felt a great desire to assist and ease the life of wheelchair-bound persons. 'VARNA Innovation and Research Corporation' was created. The handcycles that have emerged using the efficient technologies derived from Georgi's HPVs have proven themselves world-class leaders. VARNA Handcycles offer freedom and independence, opening up whole new worlds to the disabled.Diane Rakiecki - former Olympic gold medallist - summed up the difference of a VARNA Handcycle best when she commented that to look at one you just KNOW it's built right and will stand up to the rigorous challenges of a disabled athlete. The sleek aerodynamic form combined with strength and practicality, presented with uncluttered design speaks volumes about Georgi's artistic yet functional vision."There's something just right about a VARNA Handcycle. You know it when you see it and when you ride it..."Experience the vision turned reality for yourself, and enjoy peace of mind knowing you own the finest machine of its kind manufactured in the world today, with a warranty unmatched in the industry - a lifetime guarantee on the frame - VARNA Innovation and Research Corporation has an unparalleled confidence in their product; as do World-class athletes who place their confidence in VARNA Innovation whether it's for winning medals and breaking records, or simply enjoyable recreation.


While steadily gaining a solid reputation as a long-term quality manufacturer in North America, Varna Innovation's racing machines are well known and popular throughout the European market, and have been the number one choice amongst a society who have an appreciation for quality of design and superior functionality.

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